VR videos are around now for quite sometime, and their market is growing every day as more and more platforms support them. It is a great time for content creators to start creating 360° VR Videos where the user gets a rich experience of the content leveraging highly immersive nature of VR Videos.

Creating, editing and managing VR Videos is still not easy. It generally requires installing big PC applications on powerful computers. And as it feels in modern times, we must be able to do it on Web and Mobile.

We present, first in the world, a truly innovative way to create, edit and publish VR Videos right inside your favorite web browser.

Start Right Away

If you have a 360° camera like Samsung Gear 360°, Ricoh Theta, just import your videos, images and music in the editor and edit the sequence. If you are familiar with softwares like iMovie, weVideo, Windows Movie Maker etc. then you will feel right at home. Frulix Editor is quite similar to these softwares, but with a lot more functionality for 360° editing power packed in a very simple to use interface.

Even if you do not have a 360° camera, do not be disappointed. You can use regular media and some of our templates to create animated content in an immersive 360° virtual environment.

Once your video is ready you can share it on all platforms that support 360° video uploads. The user can experience video in VR using any VR headset like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or something even as simple as Google Cardboard.

Vision of Tomorrow

Since ages storytelling has been igniting the light of human thoughts and creativity. The medium has changed, technology evolved but the essence of it is still the same. That is why grandpa reading old stories is still such great experience.

Virtual Reality today is providing us with the capability to create almost anything that we can think of and experience storytelling in an immersive way never possible before. This technology is destined to open up great new frontiers of human creativity.

Right now we are supporting creation of VR Videos on our platform but soon the functionality will extend to create fully interactive immersive VR experiences.