Importing/Adding Media

First step in creating your own project is adding assets to it. Either you can upload your personal media or can directly add assets from our public repository to your project.

YouTube tutorial - Link

Media Types supported

We support many input types and their formats. Below table lists all the media types which are currently supported in our editor.

Media Type

Formats Supported



Image (360 + regular)

png, jpeg

Video (360 + regular)

mp4, webm

3D objects

obj, mtl

Uploading Personal Media

1. Use "upload" icon present on the menubar to upload your personal audio, video or image media either by browsing and selecting in the filesystem or by drag dropping the file on the upload pop-up.

2. Media type will be shown at the bottom of the file name. Select relevant check boxes if applicable and click on "upload" button to upload your file to our storage.

3. Upload status will be shown in the left asset tab. You can pause, cancel and resume your uploading.

4. Once uploaded successfully, asset will start getting listed in the "private" tab of the corresponding media type. Use "add" icon to add it to your current project.

Please note that refreshing page in the middle of an upload will discard the uploaded file completely and will have to be uploaded again.

Adding assets to your project

From Asset Tab

Public or personal assets can be added to your current project from Asset Tab (Left Nav). Click on the corresponding media icon - text, video, image, audio or objects and find the asset you want to add either by scrolling or by simply searching in the "search" bar. Use "filter" icon to filter regular, 360 and marked media items. Also switch between list and grid view to see what suits you more.

You can mark any personal image/video as 360/3D/regular simply by clicking on the "360" and "3D" markers. So no issues even if you missed to mark it right while upoading.

Drag Drop on the Viewport

You can add image/video and audio to your project by simply dragging and dropping the media file on our Viewport. It will get added to your project at current project time.

After the asset is added to your project, you can start using it right away. It will get uploaded to our cloud storage in the background for you to be able to view your project later from anywhere else.

Refreshing page while asset upload is going on in the background will cancel the upload and you will have to add the corresponding asset again to your project.