Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frulix?

Frulix is a web based platform to create and publish 360° VR Videos.

Why should I make 360° VR Videos?

360° VR videos are growing day by day as more platforms support it. The user gets a rich experience of the content leveraging highly immersive nature of VR Videos.

Why should I use Frulix?

Here are some advantages

  • Create VR Video in web based application.

  • Everything is saved and rendered directly on the cloud.

  • All you need is a web browser(Chrome or Firefox) running on a regular computer.

  • Download and share VR Videos on Youtube, Facebook etc.

  • Experience VR Video on Mobile and in a wide variety of VR headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift etc.

  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Is it free to use?

Right now we are offering free one month trial with all the premium features.

It is our promise that the basic features of our platform will always be available free of cost. Anything you create during the free trial will always be available to you.

Can I create video even if I do not have 360° camera?

Yes, you can use regular media and some of our templates to create animated content in an immersive 360° virtual environment.

How can I process the footage from 360° camera?

Just import your videos, images and music in our editor and then edit them. If you are familiar with softwares like iMovie, weVideo, Windows Movie Maker etc. then Frulix Editor is quite similar to them, but with lot more functionality for 360° editing.

How do I share video on Facebook, Youtube etc.?

After your video is rendered it is ready to play on any supported platform. Just download your VR Video, and upload wherever you like.

Can I stitch multiple videos or images to create 360° Video?

No. You cannot stitch video. You must import already stitched video or image, which nowadays can be directly imported from any consumer grade 360° camera.

Can I import 360° Video in Cubic format?

No, support for cubic format will be available soon but it is not available right now.

Can I create 360° Video in Stereoscopic format?

No, support for Stereoscopic render output format will be available soon but it is not available right now.

How does the editor work (Geeks only)?

Frulix is powered by WebGL. At it is heart lies a very powerful 3D engine (built on ThreeJS).

Right now we are only supporting creation of VR Video but soon the functionality will extend to create fully interactive immersive VR experiences.